Smart Facial Care System AQUAPURE II

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  • Full Name : Gabriele Dignan
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  • Phone : +447875489787
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  • Model : Smart Facial Care System AQUAPURE II 
  • Description : Innovative luxury treatment device for skin rejuvenation and purification.
    With optimized and advanced aquapeeling handpiece and improved vacuum
    Successor to Beauty Forum Stars Award winner Aquapure for even more intense results
    Combines aquapeeling, microneedling, diamond microdermabrasion and LED color light therapy
    This trendsetting standalone device is the successor to the Beauty Forum Stars Award winner and
    best-selling Aquapure.
    The new Aquapure II device brings innovation to the beauty market with the advancement of the popular and award-winning Aquapeeling treatment:
    Aquapeeling solutions are combined with novel handpiece attachments that feature microdermabrasion and microneedling, in addition to the usual fluid delivery and vacuum.
    The result?
    Active ingredients can penetrate even deeper for stunning skin rejuvenation results. Exfoliation is intensified and renews the skin's appearance - whether young and blemished or mature with a lack of tone.
    The Aquapure II has a handpiece for aqua exfoliation with two different attachments (AD and MF Needle attachments), as well as another handpiece for diamond microdermabrasion and LED color light therapy.
    Diamond microdermabrasion
    The handpiece for diamond microdermabrasion effectively removes dead skin cells and cornifications and carries them away by means of a vacuum. The removal is both intensive and painless and gentle to the skin. Especially people with hyperkeratotic and impure skin as well as acne scars, pigment spots and excessive sebum production benefit from this renewal of the top layer of skin. But also for all other skin types the application is an optimal preparation for the following aquapeeling.
    After application, the skin texture is visibly improved with a rosy complexion and an even skin texture. Pores are refined and wrinkles diminished. Stimulation promotes blood circulation and cell regeneration, as well as stimulating the formation of collagen and elastin fibers. Thus, the treatment not only provides a cleansing, regenerating and skin-rejuvenating effect, but also ensures increased absorption of active ingredients and easier cleansing in subsequent treatment steps.
    Aquapeeling (with integrated microdermabrasion and microneedling)
    Aquapeeling deeply clarifies and rejuvenates the skin with the help of the delivery of three different active ingredient solutions and ablation by a vacuum. The Aquapure II offers two different attachments for this treatment that intensify the results and comprehensively renew the skin.
    The AD attachment for aquapeeling treatment combines the benefits of mechanical exfoliation of microdermabrasion with the delivery of fruit acid (solution 1) and salicylic acid (solution 2). The solutions with different molecular sizes are able to penetrate deep into the skin and dissolve deposits in the pores. The vacuum immediately removes them, so that the pores are clarified and visibly refined. The active ingredient composition also balances sebum production, inhibits inflammation and permanently clarifies the skin's appearance. The attachment is not made of plastic as usual, but has a diamond microdermabrasion surface. This combination renews the top layer of the skin while the solutions penetrate deep, cleaning the pores from the inside and thus perfecting the result.
    The MF Needle attachment is used with solution 3 and deeply infiltrates the high-quality active ingredients by combining them with microneedling. The third solution contains antioxidant-rich and intensely moisturizing ingredients, not only nourishing the skin, but also providing long-lasting protection against harmful environmental factors such as free radicals that accelerate the skin aging process. Panthenol has an anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect, while peptides balance and strengthen the skin barrier. Due to the intensive care, wrinkles are significantly reduced. The skin's appearance is radiant and balanced - even pigmentation such as age spots or pimple marks are reduced. In combination with Microneedling, the proven ingredients penetrate even deeper and enable unprecedented effects. Due to the vacuum, the needles penetrate evenly and provide a pleasant treatment with optimal results.
    LED color therapy
    Complete the treatment and give your clients a relaxing wellness experience with LED color therapy.
  • Accessories : machene comes with handpieces, all the paperwork, instructions.
  • Age and condition : 2 years, as good as new.