Cryolipolysis HF008

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  • Full Name : Nima Shah
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  • Manufacturer : Ukbeauty
  • Model , price : Cryolipolysis HF008
  • Description : The action of the ice pole is transmitted to the part to be fat-reduced, and the fat cells
    are crystallized at a temperature above the water freezing point, and the triglyceride in
    the fat is converted into a solid at -2℃, thereby effectively destroying the fat cells (cells withered dead). Because the fat cells converted into solids will prematurely age, and then through the normal metabolic process, gently eliminated and excreted, so that the fat layer thinning and reduce fat, to achieve reduction of stubborn fat effect without loss
    of peripheral nerves, blood vessels and skin surface tissue. it stimulates and coordinate
    with the start and the end of movement of the muscle at the same time, to induce muscle
    fiber tension and tension, so that the skin back to firm and elastic.

    Item Parameters
    Power Supply 220V
    Power 1500VA
    Heating temperature 20℃~42℃
    Cooling temperature -10℃~10℃
    Vacuum 10-83Kpa
    Cold light 570nm 50mw
    Cooling liquid Pure water
    Dimension 410mm*397mm*1000mm
    working temperature 5℃~40℃
    Operation interface 10.4" touch screen
  • Accessories : Host Machine I set Power cable 1pc Water funnel 1 set Support frame for handle 4sets Membrane 10pcs Operation handle 4pcs Treatment heads 4pcs+4pcs+3pcs+1 double chin
  • Age and condition : 2 years, like new