Coolsculpting machine

Sale price£24,000.00

  • Full Name : Damjana Zadravec
  • Email :
  • Phone : +385913707068
  • Company Address : Zlebec 10 D
  • Manufacturer : Zeltiq USA
  • Model , price : Coolsculpting machine
  • Description : The 2 Zeltiq COOLSCULPTING cryolipolise devices are available for purchase. They use advanced medical technology for the non-invasive removal of fat deposits. The technology is based on the cryolipolisis. This innovative method helps reduce stubborn fat deposits and sculpt the body without surgery. Get a slimmer, sculpted silhouette with COOLSCULPTING.
  • Accessories : Multiple applicators available si the body can be treated in all areas where fat is deposited
  • Age and condition : 4 years, like new, genty used